Half time whistle

It has now been seven weeks since I wrapped my leg around a birch, and I have five more to go until my planned return to normal life, work and stuff like that. Seven weeks is a long time to spend in the couch, especially since it is far from my favorite pastime.

Depending on who you ask progress so far has been glacial (if you ask me) or slow but steady (asking probably anyone who is not me). A little more than two weeks after the accident I was more or less pain free and off the drugs, which was awesome. For some reason I am not a morphine man, a bit unfortunate really considering my sudden access to the substance. Swelling in the leg was going down almost at the same pace as I lost muscle mass, balancing out the good/bad seesaw.
X-rays looked good and the doctors seemed pleased with how things were growing together, but I still had orders to not put any weight on the leg and wear the knee brace at all times.

It was not until after five weeks I was allowed go gently start putting weight on the leg by standing on both feet, but still no walking allowed. The problem is that if I put too much stress on the still not very healed up bone and things start moving a little, the screws that keep everything together can snap. They did not tell me exactly how bad that would be, but by the sound of it I think I might err on the safe side on this one. Slowly but steadily I keep adding more weight on the leg, to the point where I can now stand on one leg for a second or so. So baby steps it is, or not really yet. But maybe soon.

Limping around and enjoying the view, photo by Andrea, who keeps being awesome and helps me out more than I deserve through all this. Thanks!